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How will I benefit from using Enbage?
You will have the sharpest data regarding your current customers and people who are actually interested in what your brand has to offer. You will reach people who are interested in your product/services, both online and offline and have them easily join the contest increasing your brand awareness.
How does it work?
Customers and prospects ring toll free numbers they find on your flyers, social network posts or on print or radio, TV advertising. With the ring they automatically enter your competition and have the chance to win one of the prizes. End customers can access the services with a simple login; the telephone ring identifies the unique user.
How do I let my potential clients know about it?
You can spread the word on all your communication channels: direct mailing; text messaging; social networks; yours own website; print, radio and TV ads.
What if I have a six-week-long contest and people forget about it?
We will send reminders to your audience.
Is there a minimum budget I have to invest?
Nope. You might go with just a “free cupcake”, but it has to be something compelling for your audience that will make your call to action more effective.
Why do I have phone numbers associated with my contest?
We associate phone numbers so that you can create one single contest and allow anyone to participate, even when they are offline. People joining with their cellphones, a much more personal communication with your audience in the future.
Ok, got it. But why different phone numbers?
We associate a different number to each offline medium so that you can track the conversion rate for each one and see which one works best.
I don’t have the information I need to fill all the required fields. What can I do?
After you configure your contest, you can click on “Just Save”. We will save the contest and you can come back and edit it by clicking on “My Dashboard”
I have created and saved a contest. How can I edit it?
You can always edit a contest by accessing “My Dashboard” and clicking on “Edit Contest”. Here you can customize it.
How will I know when a contest is activated?
The contest is easily activated or deactived with the “Activate” button on your general dashboard.
What do I have to do as soon as the contest is activated?
You can check how the contest is going realtime by accessing “My Dashboard” and browse through the data we collected. If you change your mind about something you can always edit the contest in the same section.
What happens after the first contest is over?
We will send you a notification email ten days before your contest expires. If you are planning to setup other contests in the future, you will have the option to automatically switch to the Flat plan so that you will enjoy unlimited CRM storage. In the Basic plan, you will access the data you collected only for two months after the contest end date.
What can I do with the user database?
What you receive are solid stats. Users data are profiled and collected, ready for you to browse them and insert in your CRM system. Users profiles, including gender, age, geographic area, are organized to be used for future SMS/email/flyer marketing campaigns. If you choose the Flat plan, you will take advantage of a one-year-storage of the CRM data.
When will you charge me for the service?
We will charge your credit card only once you activate the contest or switch to the Flat plan after a first free contest.


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